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Google Reviews


Leaving a Review? 

We are so glad that we were able to make your experience with us enjoyable! On behalf of the Everyday Group Family we would like to thank you for offering to write a google testimonial. As a small business every review makes a big difference for us. Below is a list of questions to guide you in writing your testimonial if you don’t know where to start.

  1. How did you find out about Everyday Group?
  2. What services/products were you looking for?
  3. If you’ve shopped around, what made you decide to go with everyday insurance?
  4. How did our advisor make you feel during the process?
  5. Did you have all your questions answered?
  6. Anything memorable that you’d like to mention?
  7. Would you recommend everyday insurance to others?

How will you know who the review came from?

We will verify the information provided in the review with information we have in our database such as your name. If you do not use the same name as the one you have provided us, please send us a text at (604) 245 0242 or email at with your contact info and we’ll make sure to connect with you.