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Whole Life Insurance for Children

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Forward Thinking Whole Life Insurance for Children


When it comes to life insurance, think about buying it FOR YOUR CHILD, not on your child.

Whatever your child's future holds, participating whole life insurance grows with them. It provides access to cash value they can use to help fund their education, purchase a home, start a business, supplement their retirement income, or eventually provide for their own family's financial wellbeing.

A 20-year investment for $48,000 can provide your child with permanent lite insurance protection and access to withdrawals of up to $288,000 over 60 years.

1 Illustration was calculated using Equitable Equimax Estate Builder® 20 pay participating whole life insurance with paid-up insurance dividend option. Monthly payment is $200 (premium plus Excelerator Deposit Option payment). Based on rates in effect as of February 11, 2023 for a male, age 0. Initial coverage amount is $175,000 2 Illustrated values are based on the dividend scale in effect at that time remaining unchanged for the life of the policy. Dividends are not guaranteed and are paid at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Dividends may be subject to taxation. Dividends will vary based on the actual investment returns in the participating account as well as mortality, expenses, lapse, claims experiences, taxes, and other experience of the participating block of policies. Only non-guaranteed cash value is accessible through withdrawals. Cash withdrawals may be subject to taxation and a tax reporting slip may be issued.

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Why choose life insurance policy over an RESP?


RESP can ONLY be used for APPROVED post secondary expenses.

Cash in a Life insurance policy can be used for any purpose.

Life Insurance


Tax advantages:

An RESP offers tax-deferred growth, the funds are taxed upon withdrawal.

With a life insurance policy, the growth is tax-free, the death benefit is tax-free and you can potentially access the money while you're alive TAX FREE.

RESP must end:

An RESP must be used up within 35th years of opening the account. A participating life insurance policy WILL continue to grow for your child's entire lifetime even after they've finished their schooling.


The RESP must be used for the child's education but you the parent can use the cash in an insurance policy for any financial need. ZERO RESTRICTIONS!

Permanent life insurance could be one of the smartest investments you make in your child's future.

BUY whole life insurance for your child.

BUY whole life insurance for your child.

PAY premiums for 20 years:

$2,400 annually ($ 200 monthly)
• Total payments: $48,000

CREATE a stable investment with tax-advantaged growth.

WITHDRAW cash for 60 years:

• $4,800 annually
• Total cash withdrawals: $288,000

Meet Baby Jacob

The Situation

Newborn baby Jacob, only child.

Parents have $200 a month available to spend on a life insurance policy for their son.

Net family income is $75,000.

They may qualify for a monthly Canada child benefit* that they can use to pay the premium.

The Need

Provide permanent life insurance at children's rates

Create a stable investment option with opportunity for tax-advantaged growth.

Option to access cash value in the future to help fund education, or anything else Jacob may need