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Our network has access to all the major insurance companies in Canada.

Insurance is there for you

Different Insurance Options

Life Insurance


For when vou need to protect others in case you re not there

Critical Illness and Disability

For when you need to protect yourself in case you get sick or injured

Segregated Funds

Mutual funds offered by insurance companies that come with guarantees. If the bank loses all your money that's it. If the insurance company loses all your money, a portion of your funds is still protected

Childrens Life Insurance


Maximize tax free growth by putting insurance on your children. This can also be used to take care of your child's future.

About Everyday Group

Global Presence, Local Expertise

Everyday Group is an international network of independently licensed insurance/investment advisors who collectively manage hundreds of millions in savings and insurance assets for individuals, groups, self-employed and corporations.

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Things happen, priorities shift. It's time your policy adapted with you. We're happy to review your policy in order to provide you with options.

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