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Advanced Strategies




"B2i" or Borrow to Invest is a simple yet powerful strategy to grow your wealth. Using B2i, you can get ahead of the game by investing a large sum of money NOW. There's no need for you to wait for years to save up before you invest.

Step 1

Your Independently licensed Agent will help you get a low-interest loan approved. You get access to a lump sum of money that would otherwise take you years to save.

Step 2

With the advice of our internal research team, We invest the money in a mix of funds to maximize returns while minimizing risk. Each month, all you are responsible for is paying the interest on the loan.

Step 3

As your investment grows, you can take the profits or continue to benefit from compound growth . Profits that you otherwise would not have earned.

B2I Advantage #1

How to use leverage in your investment strategy to make money in an accelerated fashion. Now, let's be clear, accelerated does not mean get rich quick. Leverage can be a very powerful tool if used in the proper way. Lets say a person has $1,000 and they invest in something that makes 10% for easy math. Then they make $100. Now let's say that the same person goes to the bank and borrows $20,000 and invests in the exact same investment that makes 10%. They now have $2,000. Having used $1,000 as interest, you should get that back.. so now you have $1.000. The truth is: It's not for everyone. There are income and credit requirements and risk tolerance considerations. .

B21 Advantage #2

How long would it take you to save up $100,000? 5, 10, 15, 20 years? We're not being pessimistic, however life is expensive and saving money has become increasingly difficult Now, if you're diligent, after paying for food, shelter, and bills you have a few hundred bucks to put aside (which is great by the way). However, how long do you have to put that aside for it to become something meaningful? A long time. What if we could get that for you in 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes? Not everyone qualifies, as there are requirements that need to be met. The truth is: It's not for everyone. There are age, income and credit requirements and risk tolerance considerations.

B2I Advantage #3

The question is... how long will it take to double your money? Let's say you take $1000 and invest at 10%, at the end of the vear vou'd have $1.100. The followina vear. vou start with $1.100 and invest at 10% again, you'd have $1.210. At this rate, it would take roughly 7 Years to double your mone to $2000. Now let's go to the bank and borrow $20,000. The interest cost would be $1,000. Now we invest that $20,000 at 10% so at the end of the year you would have $2000. Problem solved.

Infinite Banking = Infinite Returns


Life Insurance Advantage #1

Life insurance can be used while you're alive by allowing you to get access to investment returns while you're alive. TAX FREE!

Connecting You With The Most Trusted Sources For Sound Advice

Step 1

We help you set up a life insurance policy to take advantage of the the tax free growth and tax free payout of life insurance. You typically pay premiums for a set number of years that suits your budget and time horizon.

Step 2

You receive dividends from the insurance company (Depending on the performance of the insurance company) every year as long as your policy is in force, even if your premiums are "paid up" (premiums no longer required). You can never lose money in an insurance policy and it's tax deferred.

Step 3

Whenever you need money, you can borrow against your cash values so that the money can be taken out tax free. The money can be used for whatever you like, and you never have to repay the loan. And in some cases, your interest can be capitalized as well.

Life Insurance Advantage #2

Stock Market Returns without Stock Market Risk Over the last 30 years the stock market has averaged 8.84% Return gains and losses from -33% to +32.55% which is a huge swing. Over the same time period a Permanent Whole Life Insurance Policy delivered an average return of 8.02% with gains and no recorded losses between +6.05% to +10.70% *Please note: historical returns do not guarantee future perfomance.


Life Insurance Advantage #3

Real Estate Returns without Real Estate Responsibility

Don't get us wrong, we encourage you to get real estate. But consider the following: Initial costs such as:
How much downpayment is required and how long will it take you to save that amount of money? Ongoing costs: Property Taxes, Maintenance, Insurance, Vacancy Costs, Bad Tenants, Mortgage Financing? With insurance...

1. You can eventually be paid up just like a mortgage (just much sooner).
2. No Vacancy. The insurance company doesn't vacate.
3. No property taxes or property insurance required. Your premium takes care of everything
4. No Downpayment required and you pick the payment that you're comfortable paying.
5. You can have as many tax advantaged insurance policies as you want